Offshore Platforms

Nowhere do you need to be more self-reliant than on an offshore platform. And that includes self-reliance in the event of fire. There’s no fire service in the vicinity to come to the rescue and this has a number of significant consequences.

As inflammable gases are always present around a platform, preventing sparks has the highest priority. All regulations are geared towards this.
This means that it is imperative that fire detection and extinguishing systems work reliably and as automatically as possible. All extinguishing equipment needs to be simple to operate so that the personnel present can use, maintain and repair this without problem. At the same time, the equipment has to withstand high levels of corrosion.

The construction of an offshore platform poses specific problems for fire protection systems, not only because many processes take place in a confined small surface area, but also because these processes are not spread horizontally, but vertically. Each platform level requires its own safety services. For example, the rooms in which personnel sleep and the helicopter platform have to be protected in different ways. Finally, there are space and weight limitations. And these are substantial. Within all these conditions and limitations, the SK FireSatefy Group can offer you the best solution. We understand the offshore world.

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