Process Plants

Knowsley offers fire detection and fire fighting systems for very different production processes on process plants in the chemical and petrochemical industry. This begins with analysing the process and mapping the risks and risk areas.

What are the risks? Should we take increasing high temperatures or pressure into account? Does it involve the escape of harmful gases or leakage of fluids? Once it’s clear where the danger lies, detection systems can be utilised to signal potentially harmful situations at the earliest possible stage. Then, a cooling or extinguishing system needs to come into action. Knowsley can design and deliver these systems entirely according to customer requirements. As an extinguishing agent, water is still the most widely used, but it is not available everywhere in large volumes. This means that our work often starts with an analysis that maps the availability of the water supply. If availability is restricted, we search for an alternative. This could involve adapting your processes or defining an alternative extinguishing agent. Water is also entirely unsuitable as extinguishing agent in some production processes. In those cases, we can work with special powders instead. Whatever your process, Knowsley has the right solution.

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