Storage Tanks

Storage tanks come in different sizes and can be found in locations ranging from densely to sparsely populated areas, and they always contain harmful fluids, most often oil derivatives. The SK FireSafety Group has the right fire protection solution for all these different situations.

Our Rim Seal Fire Protection System is used for the largest type of tank; storage tanks with a floating roof. This is an automatic detection and extinguishing system that will automatically extinguish fires at the tank’s roof edge. Operators often don’t even notice such a fire but see it as an alarm message on their reporting system. A fire on the roof itself requires a different approach: the tank shell needs to be cooled and the fire itself extinguished with foam. The foam needs to be mixed with water in the designed ratio and the correct quantity of this mix needs to be applied for the correct duration to ensure timely extinguishing. For smaller storage tanks with a fixed roof, foam is applied in the tank itself. This also demands a specific extinguishing mix and strategy. Each tank and its contents requires its own expertise; expertise that the SK FireSafety Group possesses as no other. Fires break out in storage tanks somewhere in the world every day. The fact that these are not publicised in the media is due, to a large extent, to the effectiveness of fire fighting systems.

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