Fire extinguishing system for storage tanks with hydrocarbons in Abu Dhabi

The Korean company Daewoo Engineering & Construction among other things is active in building refineries and petrochemical installations. At a storage plant of Abu Dhabi’s state oil company  in Takreer, where Daewoo operates, Saval equipped 16 hydrocarbon storage tanks with a combined fire detection and extinguishing system.

Vaporous substances

Saval developed the system especially for storage tanks with internal and external floating roofs, that are used for storing vaporous substances. The tanks have a diameter of 67 meters, a height of 18 meters and a capacity of about 63 million litres (400.000 barrels). Because hydrocarbons can be extinguished effectively by an anti catalytic reaction, Saval uses a system that extinguishes with the gas Trifluoroiodomethane (CF3I). Furthermore the system is linked to a central control room for fast notification of alarm and error signals.


The principle for this automatic extinguishing system was developed by Saval about 40 years ago. Along the years the system has been perfected into a high value product in the area of extinguishing capacity and corrosion resistance.  For example, the tubes and nozzles of this system are entirely constructed from stainless steel.