Protecting the London Gateway tanker terminal against fire

The London Gateway, that opens in 2013, will become a new deep-sea container harbour in combination with Europe’s largest logistic area, where mainly distribution companies will open up. Late 2011, Shell opened its own terminal in this harbour, where a quarter of all airplane fuel needed for Southeast-England (including London Heathrow) can be imported by tankers. In collaboration with contractor Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, Knowsley SK has provided the total fire safety solution for the terminal.


Knowsley SK was closely involved in the design of the terminal and has played an advising role in regards to fire safety. During the construction, for 30 weeks Knowsley has provided the terminal with large storage tanks filled with a foam agent, connected to an automatic system that in case of fire delivers the correct foam mixture. This system is operated  by an advanced network of remote controlled monitors, oscillating monitors, hydrants and control valves.

With this fire safety project, Knowsley has had an important share in a Shell facility and in one of the largest construction projects in London in the 21st century, the London Gateway. Due to her expertise, Knowsley was able to provide a total fire safety solution for the terminal, both in the consultative  as in the executive sense.