The Perfect Solution for Deck Integrated FireFighting Systems

At Knowsley SK, we’re always providing the latest firefighting systems for helideck and personnel protection. With over 50 years of experience in this field, the primary option for the majority of helidecks was a Fixed Monitor System (FMS). But as the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) now strongly encourages operators to consider using a DIFFS (Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System) rather than a FMS, we have a solution: NESTO™

Why upgrade to a DIFFS system?

A Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System provides far better coverage on helidecks, and it can operate without the need for personnel to be deployed into hazardous areas. DIFFS systems are more effective at fighting fires, offer better protection for infrastructure and are safer for everyone operating in the area. They’re a much better solution for compliance with CAP437.


Introducing NESTO™ – the optimum DIFFS System from Knowsley SK

Given the recent developing in industry requirements, we wanted to ensure we’re at the forefront of effective, innovative DIFFS technology, with our new, unique NESTO™ Pop-Up Nozzle. Fully compliant with CAP437, the NESTO™ Nozzles provides optimum 3D foam distribution to help contain the 3D fire pattern that can be expected in the case of a helicopter crash. When compared w

ith more convention nozzles, the NESTO™ Nozzle has extensive, important advantages. It:

  • Has a duel flow discharge pattern for reduced wind sensitivity
  • Only requires low inlet pressure
  • Features a self-draining design
  • Operates with full flow – even with a blocked nozzle
  • Includes a modular design for ease of maintenance
  • Offers full access from the top of a helideck
  • Supports various K Factors
  • Has a working range of between 4 and 8 barg

Nesto DIFFS 1

Comprehensive foam production on-deck

To compliment the NESTO™ DIFFS Nozzle, we can also offer the full design and manufacture of a foam mixing device and delivery system to meet all your fire protection requirements. Our Turbinator™ water driven foam pump and proportioner could be an ideal choice, especially when pressure may be limited at the fire water inlet.


Full system design, installation and maintenance

At Knowsley SK, we offer a full design package in accordance with CAP437 that includes all of the following:

  • Nozzle K Factor Selection
  • Nozzle distribution pattern
  • Inlet pressure requirements
  • Water and Foam concentrate requirements
  • Foam mixing design
  • Maintenance considerations

If you’d like any further information regarding our NESTO™ DIFFS system – or you’d like to know how an upgrade to your current FMS can make a big difference, then simply get in touch with us.

Written by Peter Robinson
Area sales manager uk