NESTO nozzle

A DIFFS is typically utilised on the deck of a helipad, or in a concrete floor for aircraft hangar applications. DIFFS Nozzles are typically integrated into the floor area.

CAP 437

  • Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Area
  • Civil Aviation Authority, Safety Regulation Group
  • 7th edition 01/20123


ICAO Annex 14, Vol.1

  • Aerodrome Design and Operations
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation
  • 11th amendment 15/2013

Nozzle Details and Performance

Spacing of the nozzles on the helideck

Each deck integrated nozzle will spray upwards in a semi sphere shape covering both the deck and the helicopter. To achieve the required the application rate on the helideck multiple nozzles will need to be positioned with a specific overlap as per below graph.

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