Jetty Protection

Jetty Protection

Jetties are installed at major hazard plant for the bulk loading and offloading of hazardous substances between ships and land based storage facilities. Incidents which occur at the jetty and involve hazardous substances have the potential to result in a major accident and potentially a loss of infrastructure which may delay or halt operations resulting in huge financial loss.

Our specialists ensure the optimum design and supply of critical safety systems, particularly to protect the jetty head area from fire, explosion and the effects of toxic releases.
The loading arms must be protected but due to their nature and height they present a three-dimensional challenge to the designer requiring the selection of elevated foam monitors which must be remotely controlled from a safe location.
All jetty systems must have a reliable and effective foam supply package and be capable of withstanding the harshest of environmental conditions. With an industry leading product range and extensive reference list we are ready to provide you with the optimum solution for your facility.

Our approach to fire protection

Effective fire protection requires the right balance between your equipment and systems, your onsite capability, and the potential risks a fire can cause. At Knowsley SK, we employ a structured approach to help you find the very best solution to your fire protection needs.

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