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LNG Plant

The increase in the use of natural gas for power generation requires an efficient and cost effective method of transportation for the large volumes being moved. Liquefying the gas to create LNG is the solution where the natural gas is liquefied by freezing to -162 degrees Celsius resulting in a 600:1 reduction in volume which can be shipped and stored until regasification at the point of use.

For this liquid gas, firefighting requires an entirely different approach to that chosen for other hydrocarbon products. In an LNG fire, the gas needs to be safely contained without the use of high volumes of cooling water being directly applied which can create adverse reactions. Consideration must be given to preventing a gas cloud from developing which can seek out an ignition source.
The radiant heat generated by an LNG fire is such that special consideration must be given to the material selection of fixed equipment such as the foam generators, the resultant volume of foam required must also be corrected calculated to ensure the correct cooling and coverage is achieved.
Our specialists have an extensive knowledge and resource of past experience with LNG liquefaction and re-gasification plants to ensure that the best possible advice is given.

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Effective fire protection requires the right balance between your equipment and systems, your onsite capability, and the potential risks a fire can cause. At Knowsley SK, we employ a structured approach to help you find the very best solution to your fire protection needs.

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