Marine & FPSO 4

Marine & FPSO

An FPSO is a Floating Production, Storage and Offloading facility combining a processing plant, a storage tank and a ship all in one. The construction of an FPSO poses specific problems for fire protection systems, the processes take place in a small surface area and can spread both horizontally and vertically leading to a unique and potentially catastrophic risk scenario.

The presence of a full process area and storage tanks within the same limited space mean it is necessary to divide fire zones and install multiple deluge and foam systems and ensure redundancy within electrical systems. We are well versed in the specific design requirements of FPSO’s whether it comes to the “topsides” or the “hull section” of a typical FPSO, we are well versed in the varying design standards that are applicable, such as IMO, DNV and ABS regulations.

Systems used at sea must meet stringent anti-corrosion requirements, in addition extremely restricting requirements are set on the equipment’s volume and weight due to the available space. With these considerations our specialists will provide the perfect solution along with a detailed test and maintenance plan that will ensure complete peace of mind in these critical systems.

Our approach to fire protection

Effective fire protection requires the right balance between your equipment and systems, your onsite capability, and the potential risks a fire can cause. At Knowsley SK, we employ a structured approach to help you find the very best solution to your fire protection needs.

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