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In three quarters of petrochemical firms, safety is not up to standard. This is the conclusion from the sum of inspection reports over 2015 and 2016. Common issues are fire safety systems not working properly, hazardous substances not being safely stored and emergency plans (e.g. evacuation plans) being absent or out of date. Companies often do know what needs to be done, but the dynamics of business operations plays a crucial role. Human factors are an unpredictable risk, despite the fact that the industry is constantly working to make people aware of the hazards, risks and associated measures. The business dynamics in the sector (petro) chemicals have a crucial role. An automatic fire detection and fire extinguishing system reduces the risk of a serious incident. We offer organisational and technical solutions for your issues. We make sure the fire detection and fire extinguishing system is operational and reliable, as well as clarifying the costs for you – not just of purchase but also of preventive and corrective maintenance.

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Effective fire protection requires the right balance between your equipment and systems, your onsite capability, and the potential risks a fire can cause. At Knowsley SK, we employ a structured approach to help you find the very best solution to your fire protection needs.

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