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British engineering at its very best (part 2)

  • 10 February 2020
  • Hisbin Zaidi

We have now completed the fabrication and procurement phases of the packages and are now in the process of assembling the skids in the chilly winters of Manchester. The brilliant engineering work carried out at the front end by Danny Gallagher and his team along with our suppliers has now transformed into physical structures and pipe spools, as we gear up for the business end of the packages with our stars Matt and James.

british engineering at its very best part 2 1024x720



Description: 16” CuNi manifolds with pipe legs ranging from 4” to 10” enclosed inside blast proof enclosures (75 mm thick). Skid comprises of various isolation valves, deluge valves, foam proportioners, foam tank (10,000 litres), foam pump & motor assembly with controllers suitable for explosive Zone 1 environment. Our CompEx certified engineers are working on E&I scope, skilfully installing foam controllers, auto transfer switches, solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, lighting fixtures, heaters, temperature transmitters to meet stringent requirements of the site.

IMG 3865.1 1024x768


3 x deluge skids and 2 x foam skids for a new offshore pdq fixed platform in the caspian region

Description: The deluge skids are fitted 20 bar rated CuNi manifolds with multiple pressure controlling deluge valves and bypass, installed within thermostatically controlled heated enclosures. The foam skids are of open frame design, fitted with CuNi and stainless steel pipework, foam proportioning devices and 7000 litre stainless steel foam tanks. All skids contain both IS and non IS electrical circuitry/equipment which is being installed by our CompEx certified engineers for the Zone 1 hazardous area installation.

4 leg skid a.1 1024x1024
4 leg skid b.1 1024x1024
5 leg.1 1024x711
single leg skid a.1 768x1024
single leg skid b.1 768x1024

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