Protecting your investments

Maintenance is key when it comes to ensuring the reliability of critical fire protection systems and equipment. With routine maintenance and testing carried out by our team of highly experienced and skilled engineers, utilising the full support of Knowsley SK you can remain confident that your equipment will not fail in an emergency.


Contact our experts for support or more information about our maintenance services of firefighting equipment or systems.

125+ years experience

Firefighting protection for high value assets must meet the extreme operational demands of this environment. Our experience and expertise guarantee you full confidence in your equipment.

We manufacture

We design and manufacture our products under strict QA/QC procedures. This not only guarantees quality but also enables us to provide you with long term support including spare parts and service.

We innovate

Our dedicated team of development engineers ensure that Knowsley products remain innovative and at the forefront of firefighting technology and in line with latest standards and legislation.