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Fire fighting in cold climates

  • 08 November 2021
  • Peter Robinson
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Knowsley SK are very well known globally in the harsh and hazardous Oil & Gas and Petrochemical markets. However, as Foam System specialists who can offer niche product solutions and value added add-on services, we feel its only right for us to offer our support and expertise to UK sprinkler contractors who are either already working with high hazard and/or foam based systems or are looking to do so.

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Internally Valved Hydrant

Knowsley SK have supplied the Internally Valved pillar Hydrant to Oil, Gas, Petrochem and Industrial sites all over the world where freezing conditions can be experienced for over 50 years, including harsh environments like the Caspian and Sakhalin Island.

You can find further details of our Internally Valved Hydrant here

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