Fire Fighting in Cold Climates

Supply of adequate water is obviously critical when fighting a fire, however in climates around the world where freezing temperatures can be experienced all too often the fire hydrant can be frozen and inoperable.

Knowsley SK’s Internally Valved Pillar Hydrant solves this problem as the hydrant incorporates an extremely robust 8-port 360 degree flush and drain which sits underneath the frost line and automatically drains all of the water above it when the hydrant is closed. This protects the hydrant from damage and the hydrant remains operable in freezing conditions.

Knowsley SK have supplied the Internally Valved pillar Hydrant to Oil, Gas, Petrochem and Industrial sites all over the world where freezing conditions can be experienced for over 50 years, including harsh environments like the Caspian and Sakhalin Island.

You can find further details of our Internally Valved Hydrant here

Written by Peter Robinson
Area sales manager uk