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Correct foam proportioning is our solution in a changing industry

  • 06 July 2021
  • Peter Robinson
the new electronic foam proportioner smartmix 1024x576 v2

A foam proportioner is a crucial element of a firefighting foam suppression system as it ensures the correct mixing ratio of foam concentrate to water. Due to changing regulations globally on how we test installed foam proportioning systems, it’s necessary to find alternative foam testing methods to test proportioning rates without actually mixing the foam agent to the water stream and discharging foam solution.

Most current installed foam proportioning systems to date do not have the capability of testing correct proportioning rates without mixing foam concentrate to the water stream.
Current Installed foam suppression systems include one of the following foam proportioning products:

  • Foam bladder tank proportioners;
  • Foam inline inductors;
  • Foam ratio controllers;
  • Inline balance pressure proportioners.
foamtronic 8

The majority of these foam suppression systems have not been designed to test foam % rate without mixing the foam agent to the water stream.

Because of changing foam agent technology to PFAS free alternative SFFF (Synthetic Fluorine Free) foam agents and environmental pressure to avoid the discharge of foam solution into the environment, accuracy of proportioning rates coupled with the ability to perform accurate measurement of foam concentrate and firewater flowrates during testing is even more important than before

As a respected and innovative UK manufacture of firefighting foam hardware who helps clients with the design and engineering of firefighting foam suppression systems, Knowsley has developed the FoamTronic, an innovative foam proportioning system that accurately proportions foam agents to the water stream.

With its innovative capabilities to test foam agents proportioning rate % without mixing the foam agent to the water stream it will have no negative impact on the environment and will reduce the cost of foam proportioning system testing.

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