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Fire hydrant diaphragm valve approved for supply into kuwait

  • 07 January 2019
  • Daniel McCormick

A great start into the new year. Our Knowsley SK 4200 Series Fire Hydrant Diaphragm Valve is approved by the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate, with that the only Fire Hydrant Diaphragm Valve approved for supply into Kuwait.

fire hydrant diaphragm valve approved for supply into kuwait 1024x576

This important approval is in addition to FM Global and BRE Global, awarded during 2018.

The Knowsley SK diaphragm valve series is a range of weir type diaphragm valves designed specifically for use in firefighting applications. Available in both bibnose and horizontal configurations the valves are supplied with flanged inlet connections. The valve is constructed from high quality materials with a gunmetal body and a fire resistant seal which the diaphragm closes.

More information about the diaphragm valve

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