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Hosesafe pressure reducing valves bre global lpcb approved

  • 18 June 2019
  • Daniel McCormick

Knowsley SK enhances the HOSESAFE TM range of Pressure Reducing Hydrant Hose Valves with the introduction of two further options, 3120 Bibnose and 3130 Oblique pattern,  both of which hold internationally renowned BRE Global LPCB approval.

hosesafe bre global lpcb and royal oman police authority approved 1024x576

Once again mindful of our client’s requirements to BS5041 Part 1, where water flow rate through the valve shall not be less than 8.5 L/s (510 lpm) and the outlet pressure shall not be less than 4 bar when the inlet pressure is 4.7 bar. All HOSESAFE TM valves fully comply with the standard and incorporate a true 2.5’’ outlet rated and approved for 250gpm (946 lpm).

Furthermore all HOSESAFE TM Pressure Reducing Valves are approved by Royal Oman Police Authority (ROP/PACDA).  Including FM approved Model 2130.

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