replacing a failing foam bladder tank on offshore asset
Replacing a failing foam bladder tank on offshore asset

Replacing a failing foam bladder tank on offshore asset

A leading petroleum and chemicals storage company engaged with us to engineer a fixed fire fighting system to replace an aging and failing foam bladder tank for one of their offshore assets. Inspection and maintenance of the existing bladder tank was costing more every year and the risk of downtime through essential repairs was increasing which drove the requirement for a new and improved solution.

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Knowsley SK designed, manufactured, delivered and commissioned a Turbinator foam skid to replace the existing bladder tank and balanced pressure proportioner. The Turbinator system was provided in a skid package with one tie in/out flange which minimised changeover time offshore and offered the following advantages over the bladder tank system:

  • Very low maintenance with no expensive testing regimes.
  • Foam System can be topped up easily by non-skilled personnel.
  • Can be tested with training foam or water from an external source.
  • Foam can be accurately proportioned over varying firewater inlet pressures.


Our client was very pleased with the products and services engineered and delivered by Knowsley SK and have since engaged with Knowsley for an additional Turbinator skid to provide protection for tanks and bunds at one of their UK sites. Knowsley continue to support and test the systems with an ongoing annual service contract.

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Turbinator: water driven foam proportioner