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Truck mounted turbinator application (belgium)

Truck mounted turbinator application (belgium)

Tank Storage Verbeke is a service provider for the petrochemical industry storing and blending multiple high hazard product types in a wide variety of storage tank sizes. The terminal is strategically located along the most important shipping routes of Antwerp and Brussel. The sites main storage locations are fitted with fixed firefighting systems and a foam tanker truck is in service to supplement these, it was noted that the foam tanker truck required updating to enhance its operability to meet the growing demands of the site.

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Weight distribution of the truck

The tanker truck was fitted with a large capacity foam tank, foam transfer pump and three storage cabinets, the pump and cabinets would need to be replaced. The truck is a major part of the site emergency response plan and so the refurbishment was time critical.

comprehensive design was required to ensure the replacement equipment could be fitted whilst maintaining ease of use and not affecting the weight distribution of the truck – the available location was very small considering the required new equipment. The new equipment must be capable of meeting the huge flow range of site risk areas and have the flexibility to enable it to be hooked up via hose to multiple sizes and types of fire hydrant connections.

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Dual turbinator - water powered foam proportioners

Working closely with Saval and the customer it was determined that the optimum solution would be the fitting of dual Turbinator water powered foam proportioners, a Midi was selected for low flow risk areas and a Maxi was selected for large flow systems.

We produced a 3D model of the truck to ensure correct fit and operation and achieved the delivery of the Turbinator’s in less than eight weeks.

The truck now provides a truly flexible option for the site, capable of delivering accurate foam solution from 500 l/min up to 12,000 l/min via the simple connection of fire hose to any of the sites hydrant locations whether they are 65mm or even 200mm high volume connections.