CO2 Extinguisher (B)

CO2 extinguisher

The Saval AK5 or AK2 carbon dioxide extinguisher (CO2) is suitable for fires in environments with expensive equipment such as control cabinets, server rooms, high-voltage installations, laboratories, museums or in larger kitchens. Extinguishing gases are used when the extinguishing agent is not allowed to cause any collateral damage, besides it does not leave any residues.

The Saval AK CO2 fire extinguisher is available in a 2 and 5 kilogram version.

  • Very safe hull (high test pressure of 310 bar!);
  • MED label (Marine Equipment Directive);
  • Suitable for fire class B (liquids, oils, gasoline and paint solutions);
  • Especially suitable for use on live electrical equipment;
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers can be used at very low temperatures (-30 °C).


  • AK2
  • AK2-Z
  • AK5
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Product
    Material Aluminum
    Color Red RAL 3000
    Extinguishing agent CO2 gas
    Cartridge or Constant pressure Constant pressure extinguisher
  • Physical Characteristics
    Height 545 Millimeter
    Width 310 Millimeter
    Diameter 117 Millimeter
    Weight filled 6.2 Kilogram
    Contents weight (KG) 2 Kilogram
  • Characteristics
    Test pressure 310 Bar
    Working pressure at 20 °C 58 Bar
    Discharge time 9 Second
    Throw length 1 Meter
    Fire Class B rating 34
    Minimum temperature -30 Celsius
    Maximum temperature 60 Celsius
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