Deluge Skids & Systems

Deluge skids and systems are used for a wide range of fire protection risks including hazardous process plants, cooling of critical equipment, cooling of storage tanks or vapour mitigation.

Key components

The key components of deluge systems are defined by NFPA 15 to ensure correct operation and testing of the main deluge control valve. As a minimum, they include the deluge control valve itself, upstream/downstream isolation valves and a test/drain valve to enable full system testing. Supervisory trim may also be required, to allow electrical or pneumatic release of the deluge valve and permit full system monitoring.

Modular deluge skid packages

At Knowsley SK, we specialise in building this equipment into modular deluge skid packages, so that we can provide ease of installation and hook up to all critical services – like firewater and E&I.
We give you the confidence that your full package has been fully function-tested at our factory.

Deluge skids are generally bespoke, designed and installed in order to meet the specific conditions of a site or a project.


Our recommendation

Consider the following areas.

The end result can be a very complicated modular package which must be correctly designed to ensure full operation, and of course to allow for human factors and ergonomics.

At Knowsley SK, our team of experts has many years of experience in the design of deluge skids – for both simple and complex systems.

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