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Evictor Anti-piracy water cannon

Evictor Anti-piracy water cannon

The Knowsley SK ‘Evictor’, Anti-Piracy Water Cannon is an essential part of the multi-layered approach to ship hardening. Utilizing the ships existing fire main or high capacity water supply the Evictor nozzles provide a powerful jet of water and a water mist, to create an effective water shield with tremendous visual presence, inhospitable atmosphere and a physical force capable of deterring the most determined of pirate.

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    Key features

    What makes it unique?

    • Simple single connection: Using the existing ships fire main, no additional pump capacity required;
    • Low pressure drop;
    • Unattended operation;
    • Self-oscillating: 90 degree oscillating arc every 8 seconds;
    • Water powered: pelton wheel drive with inline filter;
    • Removable nozzle tube for easy storage and maintenance

    Why is the evictor needed?

    Piracy remains a real global threat; there are still a high number of incidents and attacks every year.  Ship hardening is integral to ensuring vessels, crew and cargo, can navigate the world’s oceans safely.

    Combining the unique firefighting knowledge of Knowsley SK with the specific requirements requested by the shipping community, we are proud to be able to offer Evictor which was developed to act firstly as a visual deterrent, directing a jet of water along the ships stern.



    Designed to operate autonomously; once installed and connected to the water supply the Evictor will function without the need for an operator to be present ensuring the crew can retreat to safe area.

    Where safe passage is paramount the Evictor is a cost effective solution in the fight against piracy and can be used in conjunction with existing ship hardening techniques and procedures to provide comprehensive protection from maritime piracy.

    How does it work?

    The Evictor was designed and developed based on the long established Knowsley SK self-oscillating monitor. Utilizing the ships fire main or any other high capacity water supply, the Evictor directs a jet of water along the ships stern and the twin nozzles oscillate in an arc to provide an effective water shield.

    The powerful water jets act as a visual deterrent to any approaching vessel.  Once in close proximity, the volume of water can quickly overwhelm a small boat below and the water spray creates an unhospitable environment and a physical force capable of dissuading even the most determined pirate.

    The Evictor uses a standard Knowsley SK bronze Pelton wheel, which takes firewater feed from the monitor inlet stand driving the oscillation.  The Pelton wheel is very effective using as little as 25lpm of fire water at 7 bar g. A Y-type strainer with flushing valve is fitted to prevent blockage of the Pelton wheel water feed nozzle to ensure years of service.

    Material selection is of vital importance in marine environments, the Evictor is constructed from corrosion resistant materials with this in mind.

    • Monitor Body: Gunmetal to BSEN 1982 CC492K-GS;
    • Pelton Wheel & Gearbox: Bronze;
    • Accessories: 316 Stainless steel


    The Evictor is available in two flow capacities, with the base monitor and frame common to both units.  The nozzles are interchangeable and available in either High Flow (Table 1) or Medium Flow (Table 2) options.  The nozzles are easily interchangeable providing future flexibility if the Evictor is moved to a different vessel with a higher or lower water supply.


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      Recommended positions of Evictor at the stern of QMax Vessels.

      Typically four Evictor are fitted for transit; one additional unit may be used to cover the stern when the ship is stationary awaiting entry into the port.


      • Specifications
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      • Specifications
        Color Yellow
        Material Carbon Steel, Hot Dip Galvanized And Enamel Coated
        Inlet Connection 2 ½” BS336 Instantaneous Male Connection
        Oscillation speed 7 cycles per minute at 7 bar g
        Nozzle angle 70 degrees
        Height 1195 Millimeter
        Width 550 Millimeter
        Depth 400 Millimeter
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