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Foamtronic VFD system

Foamtronic VFD system

The FoamTronic VFD is an electronic foam mixing system which  accurately mixes foam concentrate and water, based on the actual firewater demand of the system.

The FoamTronic is designed to cover a wide range of foam system demands.


  • UL approved foam pump;
  • NFPA11 compliant;
  • Plug and play;
  • System test without mixing water and foam;
  • No pressure loss in firewater pipe;
  • Compatible with all foam concentrate types

Text without mixing

To comply with the NFPA 11 standard, the operation of a foam extinguishing system must be tested annually with a live test. A large amount of foam concentrate is used for this test. This is not only harmful for the environment, but also expensive for the owner. It is not only the purchase value of the foam concentrate, but also the additional  costs as the foam must be collected, and disposed of correctly to satisfy the environmental requirements.

The FoamTronic VFD system is NFPA 11 compliant and can be tested without the need of mixing firewater and foam concentrate. The system can be supplied as either individual components or as shown below.


The accurate mixing of foam concentrate and water is achieved by the continuous monitoring of the firewater and foam concentrate flows, using electromagnetic flowmeters and a real-time adjustment of the speed of the foam pump. The accuracy and stability of the system is based on the combination of specially selected components and a unique control system with state-of-the-art logic developed specifically for FoamTronic.

The control system records all process values and alarms during operation or test which are available via a simple user friendly interface. When compared to a traditional mechanical proportioner the user has the added benefit of being able to save money on the foam usage due to the high accuracy of controllable consistent proportioning.



System start

The foam mixing system can start either based on minimum measured waterflow, an external command from the fire alarm control panel or the combination of the two.


The VFD Foamtronic continuously monitors the following: 

  • Power available;
  • Condition of flow meters;
  • Condition of frequency drive;
  • The PLC

System capacity

Due to the ability to control the speed of the foam pump the system has a very wide wor-king range. The maximum water pressure can go up to 16 bar.

The table below shows the wording ranges of the standard model. 

The table is based on the following parameters: 

  • 10-16 bar outlet pressure;
  • 3% foam mixed at 3.1%

Note: The above shown boundaries are selected to ensure the system can operate in a wide range of applications. The minimum and or maximum flow rate can possibly be extended, using specific operation parameters. Please contact your supplier.

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