GC powder extinguisher


The universal Saval G6C and G9C powder extinguishers have proven their value in virtually all types of fire risks. This extinguisher is under a constant operating pressure. The high extinguishing capacity of the ABC extinguishing powder makes the GC powder extinguisher a very powerful weapon against fires in solids, liquids and gases. The GC powder extinguisher is also an excellent choice at outdoor locations, because it is frost-free up to 30 degrees below freezing point.

The Saval GC powder extinguisher is available in a 6, 9 and 12 kilogram version.

  • No lump formation due to the use of a rupture disc and riser, as a result of which the extinguishing powder loosens freely before use;
  • Extinguisher under constant pressure;
  • A Dutch quality product made in our factory in Breda;
  • Long lifespan due to the use of sustainable materials;
  • Optimal throw length for control at a considerable distance from the seat of the fire (up to 6 meters).


  • G6C
  • G9C
  • G12C
  • Specifications
  • Downloads
  • Product
    Material Steel
    Color Red RAL 3000
    Extinguishing agent ABC powder
    Cartridge or Constant pressure Constant pressure extinguisher
  • Physical Characteristics
    Height 525 Millimeter
    Width 230 Millimeter
    Diameter 162 Millimeter
    Weight filled 9.7 Kilogram
    Contents weight (KG) 6 Kilogram
  • Characteristics
    Test pressure 27 Bar
    Working pressure at 20 °C 14 Bar
    Discharge time 20 Second
    Throw length 6 Meter
    Hose length 500 Millimeter
    Fire Class A rating 43
    Fire Class B rating 183
    Fire Class C Yes
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