Quenchor Fixed Fire Monitor

The Quenchor Fixed Fire Monitor provides a versatile firefighting capability for many industrial and petrochemical scenarios such as: process plant storage tank farms, loading bays, marine wharves and jetties, offshore platforms and helidecks etc.

Overall dimensions

The Knowsley Quenchor is of robust design, manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and can be locked in position enabling unattended operation and reduced risk to the fire fighter.



Quenchor Fixed Monitor 7



Quenchor Fixed Monitor 3

The monitor provides an undivided stream of water with minimum flow restriction over a wide operating pressure range. This ensures impressive performance with high flow rates and low trajectories. The monitor comprises essentially an inlet stand with lower and upper bend assemblies, and a threaded outlet enabling a variety of discharge nozzles to be utilised. Swivel joints have twin bearing races to ensure smooth operation, and a quad ring and an O-ring seals to prevent leaks. The flanged inlet enables locating the monitor on pipe-stands, hydrants, fire trucks, fire mains or towers.

Performance data

Quenchor performance data is shown below.

Quenchor Fixed Fire Monitor 1


Quenchor Fixed Monitor 5

Product materials

The Quenchor is manufactured from the following corrosion resistant materials:

Inlet Stand: Gunmetal CC491K-GS
Upper and Lower Bend: Gunmetal CC492K-GS
Operating Lever: Stainless Steel (with rubber hand grip)
Ball bearings: Stainless Steel 316
O Rings: Nitrile 70 Shore
Grease Nipple: Stainless Steel 316



Standard painting cycle

Two coat enamel finish for aesthetic purpose and colour identification Red to BS4800 04-E-53 (Other colours available)

Total 70 Microns DFT (min)

Spare information

Please contact our dedicated spares department for components listed below (see Figure 3 for corresponding data): spares@knowsleysk.com
Quad Ring
Ball Bearing

  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • FM Approved
  • Made in Britain
  • Product group Monitor
  • Product family Fixed Monitor
  • Material Gunmetal
  • Colour Red enamel (other colours available)
  • Approval FM Approved, CE Marked
  • Inlet Connection 3” or 4” Class 150#
  • Outlet 2.5” NSTM
  • Waterway nominal bore 3"
  • Water service Seawater, Brackish water or Fresh water, AFFF
  • Operating pressure 3.5 – 16 barg
  • Operation Lever operated
  • Flow rates > 4000LPM
  • Rotation 360°
  • Elevation 90°
  • Depression 45°

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