Remote control monitor

Remote control monitor

The Knowsley SK Remote Control Monitor (RCM–E) has been designed to maximise water/Foam extinguishing power, with a single waterway, designed to give an undivided water stream with minimum restrictions to flow and maximum performance.

Corrosion resistant design of the monitor and selection of high grade materials of construction make it ideally suited for installation in harsh environments such as process plants, tank farms, road/rail tanker loading areas and offshore installations.

Product Details
  • Drive gears / swivel joints enclosed and sealed with twin row ball bearings;
  • Rated for use in Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas;
  • Single water way, undivided water stream;
  • Smooth vertical and horizontal movement;
  • Up / Down / Left / Right / Jet / Fog functionality;
  • Corrosion resistant design;
  • All recognised international flanges available upon request;
  • Manual override is a standard feature;
  • Outlet options; Branchpipes, Jet/Fog nozzles; Electric or Pneumatic actuated, foam inducting or non-inducting;
  • Accessories: Towers, Motor Operated Valves, Control Panels


  • K13575
  • K13576
  • K13580
  • K13581
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  • Specifications
    Color Red enamel
    Material Gunmetal
    Inlet Connection Hose ½” OD compression fitting
    Inlet 3” ASME 150# FF or 4” ASME 150# FF
    Outlet 3” ASME 150# FF
    Actuation Hydraulic
    Waterway nominal bore 3”
    Flow rates Up to 3000 LPM
    Rotation 330°
    Elevation +80°
    Depression -50°
    Voltage 240V, 415V Single or 3-Phase
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