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Dynamic system testing

Dynamic system testing

Our Engineers can carry out a full range of operational and functional testing of all types of fixed firefighting systems, including hydrant flow testing, deluge system testing and foam system testing.

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What can we do for you?

  • Flow testing
  • Foam testing to relevant standards
  • Fire main and ancillary testing
  • Checking deluge system coverage
  • Fire pump flow testing
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What does it involve?

  • Checking system flow rates
  • On site foam solution checks
  • Foam mixing analysis
  • Hydrant foam testing
  • Checking system performance
  • Fire pump performance testing
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UK tank farm

The challenge was to assess the deluge systems performance against original specifications and standards.

We collected data from flow and coverage testing allowed the client to be advised of pump and system re-configuration giving better coverage use, meeting current regulations.

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