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Spare parts

Spare parts

You will be pleased to know that all our products are built to last, however without regular maintenance and servicing nothing lasts forever. We strongly recommend that all our customers keep a variety of spare parts in stock. This will help ensure quick repairs and minimal downtime increasing your maintenance efficiency. We stock over 1200 various parts and consumables for dispatch globally at short notice.

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What can we do for you?

  • Over 1200 OEM components available from stock
  • Comprehensive spare part listing database
  • Same day priority shipments globally
  • Provision of commissioning spares
  • Spares installation service
  • Spare parts listings for site surveys
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UK offshore platform

The challenge was to provide emergency replacement parts to restore a helideck fire protection system within 5 days.

We shipped out correct parts within 48 hours from initial request enabling personnel to get home for the holidays.


“On behalf of EIL management, I am deeply grateful for your excellent technical support rendered during the recent foam #1 and #2 skid inspection and testing works.

Your expertise and experiences under your belt,  have made this success even sweeter, with the timely and safe completion for abovementioned units. Notwithstanding, your knowledge sharing and technical guidance provided to our Maintenance team, is highly appreciated.

We are humbled with your professionalism and amazed on your quick troubleshooting / assessment skills in resolving issues on site, and with the swift action taken, has directly contributed to the achievement of this important milestone for our Terminal foam system.”

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