The Change To alternative Foam Technology (Part 2)

As a manufacturer of Firefighting hardware products for over 125 years, we at Knowsley feel obligated to share market intelligence, and through our industry knowledge to help to provide solutions during this transitional phase the industry is currently going through. Changing regulations and use of alternative foam agent technology will have an impact across all industries for clients, manufactures and suppliers.


New Technology Comes With New Challenges

For many years Firefighting Foam manufacturers have actively been formulating alternative FFF (Fluorine free) Foam agents. New generation foam agents may require a different type of technology to maintain or improve performance over conventional Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and Film Forming Fluorine Protein (FFFP) foam agents.

Replacing PFAS technology with alternative ingredients results in changes to foam properties, meaning there will be challenges to overcome while transitioning to FFF agents in existing foam suppression systems while using certain types of foam proportioners. The viscosity of FFF agents, also known as fluid thickness, is increased in comparison to AFFF, FFFP and FP foam agents with the result that ensuring the correct operation of current installed foam suppression systems, proportioners and mobile equipment comes with challenges.  It can be extremely difficult to work out the correct proportioning (%) rate when using new generation foam agents in current systems.


Typical New generation foam agent vs. conventional AFFF foam agent

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Sector knowledge is essential

Knowsley SK site service engineers have many years’ experience of inspecting and maintaining current foam suppression installations. They have been closely monitoring the industry and the development of new foams and are very knowledgeable regarding the challenges presented using next generation foam agents during commissioning and testing of existing foam proportioner systems.

As part of our commitment to the protection of people, property and the environment, Knowsley SK believe it’s our duty as a partner to provide guidance by sharing our knowledge and expertise on how to safely transition to FFF agents and to advise on topics as:

Foam Proportioning

The Change To alternative Foam Technology (Part 2) 1

Foam discharge equipment

The Change To alternative Foam Technology (Part 2) 2

Design, Engineering & Re-engineering of foam suppression systems

The Change To alternative Foam Technology (Part 2)

We can also help in the transition with Advice and support regarding clean-out of existing foam suppression systems contaminated by PFAS based AFFF/FFFP foam agents.


The Change To alternative Foam Technology (Part 2) 4

Inspection of existing pfas based foam suppression systems

Our experienced engineers are educated and trained to assess existing foam system and will develop a plan of approach based on the current foam suppression system on site, and with mutually agreed targets.

Through analysis of the fire suppression requirements we will offer the best system, with the lowest total cost of ownership for your specific firefighting needs. We can also manage this transition from design, through installation and beyond through our site maintenance agreements.

Please contact us for more information or if you have any questions.

Written by Marcel Biervliet
Channel manager europe