Principal of operation of the Turbinator

Using more than one hundred years of experience in the design and manufacture of firefighting equipment, Knowsley SK developed the Turbinator solely for one purpose – firefighting.



With Turbinator we have introduced a flexible, abrasion resistant paddle material in the water motor which gives the unit its unique wear characteristics. The usual contamination found in firewater networks does not damage the paddles as the water motor was designed using two lobe paddles which allow any potential contaminants or debris to pass through the unit without causing blockage. Over speeding up to 120% which can occur during automatic activation in large dry systems does not damage the unit due to the robust design. In addition and most importantly the Turbinator meets NFPA20 requirements for dry running

Turbinator does not require external power supplies or control circuits and is safe for installation in any ATEX environment – provided firewater pressure is available then the foam system will be ready for use.

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