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Compliant fire protection system for storage tanks (united kingdom)

Compliant fire protection system for storage tanks (united kingdom)

A leading petroleum and chemicals storage company asked us to provide fire protection for a number of new, large gasoline storage tanks and associated bunds at one of their UK Terminals.


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The challenge

Requirements and the best approach

Our client wasn’t aware of exactly what type of fire protection was required, or what the best approach would be.

They had industry guidelines that needed to be followed and required a full system set-up as quickly as possible.

Our approach

After speaking with the client and analysing the requirements, we designed, manufactured, delivered and commissioned a full foam and water cooling system to protect the storage tanks and associated bunds. All aspects of the installation were fully compliant with the latest industry guidelines and safety codes. We utilised the Knowsley SK Turbinator for this project, as the

water-driven foam pump/proportioner was a perfect solution. Its operating range ensured all personnel could remain in a safe location in the control room, whilst still catering for all scenarios. We delivered the Turbinator as part of a pre-packaged skid assembly, including pipework, valves, strainers and instrumentation which drastically reduced installation time.

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The results

Effective and compliant fire protection system

Our client was very pleased with the products and the services we delivered, safe in the knowledge that they were prepared for any eventuality with their effective, compliant fire protection system.

They have since engaged Knowsley SK and our sister company Saval for similar installations across other sites in the UK and Europe. We’re continuing to support and test the systems with an ongoing annual service contract.

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