HoseSafe II Pressure Reducing Valve

The HoseSafe™ Pressure Regulating Valve is designed to maintain a safe constant outlet pressure irrespective of varying inlet pressure and is suitable for use on sites even where high or low ambient temperatures are experienced. The valve utilises the cast / forged body design of the established Knowsley SK range of wet riser landing valves with the addition of a spring cartridge or element to provide thepressure regulating facility.
The Knowsley SK “HoseSafe” pressure reducing hydrant valve is for use on oil, gas and petro-chemical sites, oil rig platforms or wet rising mains in buildings.
  • Certificates and approval marks:
  • FM Approved
  • LPCB Approved
  • Product group Hydrant valve
  • Product family Hydrant Valves
  • Approval FM & LPCB
  • Material Gunmetal
  • Colour Red Enamel
  • Approval FM & LPCB
  • Inlet Connection 2 1/2", 3" or 4" Flange or 2 1/2" Male Threaded
  • Outlet connection 2 1/2" Instantaneous Female or Male Threaded
  • Outlet orientation Bibnose, Oblique or Horizontal
  • Default factory set pressure 4.5 barg (adjustable on site between 3 & 8 barg)
  • Diaphragm material n/a
  • Water service Fresh, brackish or seawater
  • Max. working pressure 290 PSI (20 barg)

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