Quality of the Turbinator: built to last

Developing a high quality product is more important than ever before, as market visibility to product quality has never been higher. Like our customers, we expect the highest levels of quality when it comes to the Turbinator range of products. Everything we have worked on with the development of this product has always had the goal of ensuring that we fulfil the quality expectations at all times.

In the Turbinator water motor, two synchronized paddles convert the hydraulic energy of the water flow into the driving torque for the foam pump. For these paddles we have selected an ultra-high grade elastomer that has a proven track record in fresh water, salt water and even subsea environments with extreme mechanic loads. With this engineering polymer, in combination with super duplex and stainless steel internal parts we have created very strong and impact resilient water motor paddles that withstand dirt and debris, pressure surges and over speeding in accordance with NFPA.

All Turbinator models have been rigorously tested for endurance under extreme circumstances simulating maximum flow and pressure, and even elevated water temperatures.

High Grade Drive Shafts

Our Turbinator foam proportioning pumps can handle immense fire water flows – up to 12.000 litres per minute for a single Maxi – at impressive system pressures. Only superior materials are capable of delivering the required torque for many years. To ensure the strength and reliability of the Turbinator drive shafts in combination with seawater we selected super duplex for all wetted mechanical components including the shafts and the mechanical seals. For regular freshwater applications we equip the Turbinator with Stainless Steel drive shafts.

Gunmetal is not only a very strong material, but it is also highly resistant against chemical corrosion, pitting, wear and fatigue. This metal is highly suitable for precision machining making it and ideal material for the Turbinator main body.

Leaded bronze is not an easy material to cast and machine but our 100 years experience with this material, combined with selected subsuppliers guarantees a perfect product quality, each unit again.

Our highly qualified QA specialists not only understand the Knowsley products, but – equally important – also understand our customers requirements.

You can rest assured that all our products are built in line with the processes and procedures that we have laid out as part of our QMS system that complies fully with ISO 9001 – 2015.

Our unique test rig

Each Turbinator is subjected to a rigorous series of tests before leaving the factory. We have invested in a dedicated test rig that’s capable of testing each model of Turbinator over its full range of operating flows and pressures. All test data is collected and registered in an automated, standardised method. The test data for every unit is stored in our project files and forms part of a comprehensive report delivered with each Turbinator.

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