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Foam proportioning

Foam proportioning


Foam proportioning cannot be delivered effectively with one single solution. Different situations will require differing methodologies to produce the required results. Knowsley SK offer 2 main solution types – water driven or electronically controlled – both offering excellent solutions, but for different situations.

For help with choosing the right system for you, please see our simple selection guide below which will help guide you to the correct Knowsley SK solution to your foam proportioning needs.

Foam proportioners

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  • Flowrates up to 12,000 l/min
  • Compact and simple
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Dry running to nfpa20
  • Troublefree start-up
  • No external power required

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The water driven foam proportioner designed to accurately mix extinguishing foam concentrate with freshwater or seawater.

The Turbinator is available with capacities to suit most applications and can be used in fixed systems or as a mobile unit such as fire trucks, trailers and hand-portable use.

The Turbinator consists of two main parts: a water driven engine and a foam concentrate pump. The motor and pump are connected and integrated in a compact housing. The unique design of the Turbinator makes the device self-priming. The foam pump develops a strong suction lift, resulting in a reliable and uninterrupted supply of extinguishing foam concentrate.

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  • Huge flow range
  • Smart technology
  • High accuracy
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Self diagnostics
  • Replacement for balanced pressure proportioners
  • Test without using foam concentrate

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Foamtronic is an electronic foam mixing system which very accurately mixes foam concentrate & water based on the actual fire demand of the system.

Designed for high value foam systems, the accurate mixing of foam concentrate and water is achieved by continuous monitoring of the firewater and foam concentrate flows, using electromagnetic flowmeters and real-time adjustment of the concentrate control valve. The accuracy and stability of the system is based on the combination of specially selected components and a unique control system with state-of-the-art logic developed specifically for FoamTronic.

The control system records all process values and alarms during operation or test which are available via a user-friendly interface.

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